Originally from St-Jean-sur-Richelieu in the province of Quebec (Canada), Martin is a passionate, dreaming and sometimes idealist person. He loves to be surprised, getting out of his comfort zone, placing himself in difficult situations and being pushed to live adventures that give him a good shot of adrenalin. Nature, the outdoors and sports are necessary to his life in order to feel complete.

In 1999, he achieves one of the greatest challenges of his young adult life; participating in the Katimavik youth program. This experience changed his life forever. It let him to find balance on a personal level as well as on a professional level and to connect with his role of citizen of the world. It is through this experience that he was initiated to canoe and expeditions. In 2002, he takes part in another adventure: Canada World Youth. He certainly developed many aptitudes and an expertise to create and maintain a harmonious group dynamic. He considers that there is a cause to every problem and to every behavior. He prefers to use his time trying to better understand his pairs and expand his empathy.

In 2006, Martin begins his professional career in social work. Through his professional experiences, he has been brought to work with young children, teenagers, families and elderly people. He took pleasure in making a difference in their lives and getting involved in causes he considered, and still considers to this day, noble. Human relations bring him an intellectual stimulation that favors personal growth. He realized through his experiences that not everyone is born with equal chances.

For a few years now, Martin travels Quebec in search of the nicest whitewater rivers. Throughout the years, he was able to perfect his canoeing skills and the art of camping in remote areas. He considers himself privileged to have been a witness of so many astounding views and sceneries, to have been able to observe the Quebec wild-life and to have lived many epic moments on rivers.

Martin is an adventurer and long distance canoeist who took part in the historical Canada expedition of the year 2015 «Les chemins de l’or bleu – The blue gold paths ». He had the privilege to cross Canada by canoe. This expedition started on April 25th 2015 in the icy waters of Lake of Two Mountains in Montreal and ended 7000 kilometers – 4400 miles away from its beginning journey on October 16th 2015 (175 days) along the coast of the Mackenzie River in Inuvik in the polar circle.

Crossing Canada by canoe was for him the achievement of a dream he has had for 10 years. He likes to say this was the expedition of a lifetime. An occasion to reconnect with the Earth, the environment. Against the waves, the wind and the storms, he paddled. The adventurer, the one who knows how to flow with the river, who pushed his canoe pass borders, who knows the song of the loons and hears the wolves late in the night…and who gets up in the morning mist. Under the moonlight, camped on a hill overlooking lakes and rivers, he dreams: feelings of sudden freedom, the smell of the great outdoors, of vast plains and of enchanted forests.

From May 19th to July 27th 2016 (70 days), he was part of the Pull of the North expedition and he paddled the Yukon River (3200 kilometers - 2000 miles) from the source at Lake Bennett (British-Columbia, Canada) to its mouth in the Bering Sea (Alaska). The team was filming a documentary telling the story of the many native cultures and tribal communities that still live along the river and how the modern world and shifting environment was changing their traditional ways of living on the Yukon.